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We work very hard for our customers because nothing pleases us more than helping our clients acheive the dream of affordable home ownership. We want to add you to our list of very satisfied customers.

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As a real estate agent having a mortgage professional like Sabrina Murphy working for you always makes the transaction smooth and easy! I always suggest that my customers give her an opportunity to do their loan as she is competent and professional in all aspects of the loan process.

- Kristin Jones
Houston, TX | February 20, 2015

Sabrina is wonderful! She is very thorough when preapproving clients. She attends every closing which gives me comfort that everything will be perfect.

- Josefina Duran
Pearland, TX | February 20, 2015

Sabrina is awesome. I'm a realtor and use Sabrina when we purchase properties for ourselves as well as refer my clients to her. All my clients have loved using her. She gets it done!

- Holly Dool
Odessa , TX | February 20, 2015

Sabrina is THE BEST ! She is very knowledgeable and compassionate about her work. She works so well with each client that I send to her. Always takes the time to ensure that my buyers understand the mortgage process. She is very diligent about finding the best loan product possible to fit every buyer's need.  Excellent job always !

- Sandy BV
Pearland, TX | February 22, 2015

As a Realtor, I know the value of having a loan officer that is knowledgeable, professional and expeditious.  If Sabrina says the prospect is qualified, I have no doubt as to their ability to purchase.  Closing on time is never a problem.  My clients love and value her as much as I do.

- Charlotte Wilson
Pearland, TX | March 06, 2015

MAGICAL!!!! It's probably what comes to mind when I think of Sabrina. The things she did for OUR family was like watching magic.... and if you give her a chance I'm absolutely positive that Sabrina can and WILL "WOW" you too. She is very up front, professional, and quick. If you want it to happen, I suggest using Sabrina. Not only did WE have her as our loan adviser, but WE inherited her as a friend. When it comes to getting a mortgage loan.... don't call anyone else.... call Sabrina Murphy!!!!

- Dwayne Blankenship
Friendswood, TX | June 06, 2015

We contacted Sabrina after we found out we were relocating from San Antonio to Pearland and wanted to purchase a home. Sabrina immediately got to work and helped us to understand the community and the housing market here. She was able to give us a very clear picture on what we qualified for, insurance rates, and all the other aspects that came with buying a home in this community. We just closed on our new home two days ago and it was Sabrina that made it happen. She helped us through the process with such diligence and patience. Every obstacle that was thrown our way, Sabrina helped us along. She is ABSOLUTELY amazing!! She is professional, friendly, and always had our best interest in mind. She was always available to us by phone, text or email and responded promptly to our questions. She came to our closing and supported us through the whole process all the way to the very end. I am so thankful that we had Sabrina on our side during this whole process. I will be recommending her to everyone that needs a home loan. She is the best at what she does but also a genuine good person!

- Deanna Tillis
Pearland, TX | June 08, 2015

Sabrina, I just wanted to let you know your efforts on behalf of Deanna Tillis did not go unrecognized. You really pushed and pulled it together under extreme limited time deadlines. You are to be thanked and appreciated for your professional handling of the lenders and loan. Also, your Lawyer who stayed late to get the Docs out, let him know everyone appreciated her efforts. Kindest Regards and Blessing to you, Bill

- Bill Payne
Houston, TX | June 09, 2015

I was referred to Sabrina by my realtor and it was the best decision in my home buying process. Due to issues that occurred at work I had to work nights for 4 months straight and Sabrina was there for every question I had late on weekdays and weekends to make sure I had everything I needed and was comfortable with every aspect of my loan and home purchase. I found that the tax appraisal on the property I purchased increased significantly and I had only a few days to refute the tax increase before they were final. Sabrina told me exactly what I had to do and who I had to speak to and got me everything I needed to refute the tax increase. Sabrina is a great person and good asset in the home buying process and I completely recommend her.

- Ricky
Houston, TX | June 09, 2015

Sabrina was awesome!! Between her knowledge and the help of her husband - our awesome realtor we literally found and bought the home of our dreams. We had some rough patches for sure but Sabrina was always cool, calm and collected. She is a true professional and I would recommend her to anyone.

- Melissa Medeiros
Alvin, TX | June 11, 2015

10! I give Sabrina and her team a perfect score in efficiency, timeliness, quality and most importantly, kindness. Thank you Sabrina! We LOVE our new home.

- Dana S.
League City, TX | June 15, 2015

Sabrina was excellent processing our loan. Attention to detail, on top of everything.

- Celesta Rea
Alvin, TX | June 29, 2015

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